Crowdsourcing Combats Nuclear Propaganda

Fairewinds Crowdsourcing Helps Combat Nuclear Industry PropagandaAttempting to “Normalize” the Threat of Nuclear Radiation!
By Maggie Gundersen

As I watch the official news coming out of Japan, it is obvious to me that Japanese government officials and TEPCO are trying to hide the ongoing and accumulating radiation exposure to the people of the Fukushima Prefecture. We know for a fact that important epidemiological data on cancers, stillbirths and other radiation effects on human health has been hidden from serious scientific enquiry.  

This massive cover-up will peak with the 2020 Olympics being hosted in Japan. It is for that purpose that Japanese government officials and the atomic power industry are trying to convince the world that TEPCO’s disastrous meltdowns at three of its Fukushima Daiichi reactors are no longer a problem and that Japan has moved on because radiation exposure is no longer a threat to the health of people living in or visiting Japan.  With the current Olympic schedule, both soccer and baseball likely will be played in Fukushima Prefecture.

 “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain,” 
the Wizard of Oz once said. 
Or, as we say at Fairewinds, “Follow the Money”.
Both sayings apply to the political machinations occurring in Japan.

Prime minister Abe, Japan’s nuclear power plants corporations and their lobbyists, and the banks that are so heavily invested in the atomic reactors that have been shut down for more than six years are trying to normalize TEPCO’s reactor meltdowns.  

Every day our Fairewinds Crew receives phone calls, emails, and other social media comments thanking us for continuing to shine the light on the ongoing disaster in Fukushima Prefecture. We at Fairewinds are proud that we continue to present the truth, even though other media outlets have succumbed to financial pressures by the atomic power industry, its lobbyists, and pro-nuke shills masquerading as environmentalists. 

During February and March of 2016, Fairewinds chief engineer and board member Arnie Gundersen traveled to Japan where he spoke and worked with hundreds of Japanese citizens. Invited and hosted by Japanese scientists and community leaders who remain concerned about the massive radiation cover-up, Arnie gave as many as three presentations each day all over Japan. Scientists and community leaders asked Arnie to teach them how to correctly sample radioactivity, so that there will be an accurate independent analysis not dependent upon TEPCO, the nuclear power industry, or government agencies with their Follow the Money agendas. 

Fairewinds Energy Education is working with citizen scientists all over the world and all over Japan to make sure that radiation data collection achieved by crowdsourcing is available to the people of the Fukushima Prefecture and other areas of Japan that have shown radiological contamination. These crowdsourced samples and subsequent scientific analysis proves that the radioactivity we are tracing came from the triple meltdowns at TEPCO’s Fukushima Daiichi reactors.


We need your help to continue this effort to find the scientific facts.
Fairewinds Crowdsourced Japan Project needs two things:
Your donations, More radioactive samples from people in Japan. 

To our Japanese friends and colleagues, please contact us about how to sample soil and dust. There are strict protocols. The scientists analyzing this material are looking for samples from proposed Olympic venues, cities, towns, and farmland in Fukushima Prefecture, and from Tokyo itself where we have already found pockets of contamination.

You will find excellent resource materials on Fairewinds Fukushima Daiichi Webpage, including our Latest Updates page where we keep you in the loop with the most recent happenings, to Fairewinds’ personal recommendation for how we move forward, and our Fukushima video library full of videos informing you on everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the ongoing radiological disaster from the Fukushima Daiichi triple meltdowns.

Chiho Kaneko, who was born and raised in Iwate Prefecture, adjacent to Fukushima Prefecture is a member of the Board of Directors for Fairewinds Energy Education. As you look at Fairewinds Fukushima Daiichi video library, we would like to highlight, in particular, a touching discussion between Arnie and Chiho that we filmed at Chiho’s home here in Vermont. At the time this film, entitled Fukushima Meltdown: Four Years Later, was made, Chiho had recently returned from visiting family and friends in Japan; she was absolutely heartbroken by what she saw and the stories she heard. Additionally, we also suggest that you look at Arnie’s photo journal from his most recent trip in Japan. Quite honestly, it is one thing to hear about the tragedy in Fukushima from the few remaining news stories and another to actually hear what Chiho witnessed and see the some of the devastation Arnie saw with your own eyes. 

Every bit of Fairewinds’ effort takes money.

We need your support now to continue our scientific research.

Please help us financially, 
so that we can collect the data, conduct analyses, and produce the newsletters, videos, and podcasts you depend upon!

Thank you!

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