Japan at a Crossroad: Two Futures

Arnie Gundersen spoke at the Olympic Center in Tokyo on September 5, 2012. The focus of his talk was Japan's opportunity to change the way it generated power for the last fifty years. Brief video in Japanese with translation beginning at 2:14; there is a translation of his full presentation at the end of this post. An English powerpoint of his full presentation appears below the video.

PowerPoint Presentation



English Google Translation from the YouTube post by iwakamiyasumi: (via google translate )

lecture Was held on Wednesday, at the Yoyogi Olympic Center, September 05, 2012, lecture, Tokyo Ernie Gandasen - pattern of "Japan stands at the crossroads of two future". What I had done after the press conference that took place on the same day. In nuclear engineer in the United States, took place at Three Mile Island in 1979, when the study of nuclear power plant accident activities as an expert, Dr. Ernie Gandasen is also the co-author of the (first edition) guidance decommissioning of U.S. Department of Energy . Currently works for the chief engineer energy consulting firm, of Fairwinds Associates.I chose the path of nuclear power plant has reached a chance to change the (nuclear). Many people have come, Mr. Gandasen "Do choose the road less people to walk the way this power has been used over the past 50 years. Then I tell it, the "big impact, and Japan at a crossroads right now. Are qualified in the technology and operation of the reactor and the master degree, he, at the time of the Three Mile accident investigation testified as an expert. Based on the experience at that time, said:"The government underestimated the accident surely, they delay the evacuation of children and women. This is what happened at Three Mile actually. We, I knew meltdown will occur at Fukushima, Friday after accident You think the government would not repeat twice the same thing were hiding selfishness, the accident of Three Mile Island government of my own country. was wondering would underestimate the radioactivity was released. therewith, and the remaining . I told my wife, "I want to tell the Japanese that the sooner that Americans have learned after the Three Mile,Although I believe that can be used to burn waste nuclear fuel cycle. Was wondering primary. Had been thought to happen accident potential accident is one in a million I'm a professional nuclear power plant "is not expensive can be achieved Divide 400 (reactor) in the molecule. 1 million that was wrong, the possibility of an accident happening in the world history meltdown three years? 35 What does tell though. annual 2500 . to have happen.In addition, I also questioned the opinion that it is cheap and clean nuclear energy.The Japanese government quality uranium ore good future is not bright ones even. Becomes cheaper to 30 years.'s Quality will not be in a newspaper article in Kyoto this morning. Mining large after 10 years "will be much lower yield uranium that means. leaving only bad thing, the problem related to mining. that uranium prices rise, the cost of renewable energy is cheap, waste of mine. that produce waste in order to extract the uranium 232,235 is part of the waste ... The native living near drainage. remains shavings is water with high acidity, I have to kill migratory birds of many. that it is clean water, waste birds but come . the first process is not said is said nuclear reactor. Dari was also soaked in the basement of the house of the American and clean "

"If Japan is high risk of earthquakes in whole, buried in the ground as a final disposal site. Impossible unsuitable," and also raised issues about the spent nuclear fuel. Next, we describe how the new generation Years. 10 various, the methods generation in the 20th century, electricity generation of the century. 21 only have leaves large power generation method. Become a tree with a lot of small leaves say analogy. Distributed generation 20 years ago " was not possible, it is easy to interchange power smart grid power generation system. computers, the Internet, if this period. 10% of power generation is lost in the transmission in the first place, to the wind. savings of 10% is the same as if the special near It is consistent less variation is something that can be used on land. you have an opportunity such, there is no reason why you can not use at sea. has offshore wind, high reliability, it is not expensive. photovoltaic power generation, rather than 15 years ago I think that it is useful in Japan. estimates go down from now on as well. costs has increased thermal efficiency factor of 10 I can and anywhere that is experiencing the ocean currents. generator (force of the flow of the seabed) wave power, fish able to swim freely. The promising biomass in Japan. Vermont has been burning wood waste surplus that can be done by making furniture. CO2 is burned out and, CO2, which is included in the tree in the air because they are originally carbon that never increases. If coal is to be burned ones + in the ground. In Japan, there is a cedar tree about I do not know what to do, I can also make use of it. (These companies have been deeply involved in the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant only) deeply involved in renewable energy, Mitsubishi, Hitachi also. Toyota is a leader in solar power, fuel cell car, technology V2G.